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Vote explanations 2-6-24
RELEASE|February 8, 2024
Contact: Steve Carra

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

I voted NO on HBs 4864 (Rep. Wozniak) Would revise the uniform statutory rule against perpetuities to reflect limitation of the personal property trust perpetuities act to certain property. EXPLANATION: The democrat leadership promised votes on several Republican sponsored bills and failed to make good on their word. This bill was brought forward to bait Republicans into the next step of their strategy to gain leverage, so they can continue ramming through their extreme policies. The entire Republican Caucus held the line by voting against this Trojan horse as they seek to advance their extreme agenda during the 54-54 gridlock.

FAILED 54-49

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

I voted YES on HB 4613 (Rep. Prestin) Would amend the Public Health Code by extending a temporary license for an EMTs or paramedic from 120 days to 1 year. EXPLANATION: The free market has proven time and time again to be more efficient than the government when it comes to regulating the market. However, one year is a much more reasonable timeframe than just 120 days, for the government to impose on people when having them jump through all the hoops they have set up.

PASSED: 105-1

I voted NO on HB 4614 (Rep. Fitzgerald) Would amend the Public Health Code by requiring EMTs and paramedics with a temporary license to work under the direct supervision of those who are fully licensed. EXPLANATION: If an EMT or Paramedic has studied and gone through all the necessary training, has been hired by a company, and has been deemed competent and fit for the job, they should be able to train or work as the company sees fit.

PASSED: 100-6

I Voted YES on HB 4028 (Rep. Zorn) Would exempt wreckers from the seasonal axle loading restrictions when towing, or traveling to or from, a disabled vehicle. EXPLANATION: Wreckers are doing necessary work by clearing a roadway of disabled vehicles. Because the wreckers connect to and lift the other vehicles, together they sometimes exceed certain seasonal loading restrictions. This bill helps wrecking companies help our community and people in need by exempting them in certain scenarios.

PASSED: 106-0

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