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Vote Explanations 10-31-23
RELEASE|November 3, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

I voted NO on HB 4948 (Rep. Grant) Would prohibit landlords from requesting information from prospective tenants regarding the tenants’ expunged convictions and/or juvenile conviction records. EXPLANATION: Landlords should be able to request this information about a person if they will be living on their property.

PASSED: 57-52

I voted NO on HB 4960 (Rep. Snyder) Would amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit employers from requesting information from prospective employees regarding the employees’ expunged convictions and/or juvenile conviction records. EXPLANATION: Employers should be able to know who they’re hiring and important information about their past as a condition of employment.

PASSED: 57-53

I voted NO on HB 4724 (Rep. Price) Would amend the Income Tax Act by creating an income tax credit for disabled veterans or a widow of a disabled veteran who rent or lease their homestead. EXPLANATION: If we are worried about disabled veterans and their spouses not being able to pay taxes or being worse off because of taxes, then a conversation needs to be had about lowering taxes overall for everyone.

PASSED: 102-7

I voted YES on HB 4716 (Rep. Begole) Would amend what the salvage vehicle inspection fee must be used for by removing the language around increasing the likelihood of recovering stolen vehicles/parts and for salvage vehicle inspections. The bill replaces that language by stating the funds must be used for equipment, training, and road patrol services that are necessary to protect public health or safety. EXPLANATION: Allowing police departments to spend the funds they receive with greater flexibility is a step in the right direction.

PASSED: 108-2

I voted NO on HBs 4185-4190 (Reps. Mentzer, McKinney, Aiyash, and VanderWall) Would make more strict the enforcement standards in response to an Auditor General audit of the Michigan Department of Environmental, Great Lakes & Energy Air Quality Division’s Asbestos Program that discovered weaknesses in the enforcement program of monitoring for safe asbestos abatement in demolition and renovation projects. EXPLANATION: Regulations stymie businesses. We already have regulations in place, implementing more would be misguided. 

HB 4185 PASSED: 73-37; HB 4186 PASSED: 72-38; HB 4187 PASSED: 68-42; HB 4188 PASSED: 56-54; HB 4189 PASSED: 81-29; HB 4190 PASSED: 83-27

I voted NO on HB 4522 (Rep. Breen) Would amend the Revised Judicature Act to authorize the creation of Family Treatment Courts, allowing circuit courts to provide enhanced services in child abuse and neglect proceedings to parents who have substance use disorders. EXPLANATION: Nine Family Treatment Courts are already operating in Michigan, no change in law is necessary.

PASSED: 99-11

I voted NO on HBs 4523-4525 (Reps. Hope, Filler, and Andrews) Would allow violent offenders to participate in Mental Health Court programs; would allow violent offenders to participate in Drug Treatment Court programs; would modify the termination procedure for Drug Treatment Court programs. EXPLANATION: Violent offenders, including murderers, rapists, and persons who commit new felonies while already in a treatment-court program should not be granted the privilege of participating in specialty treatment courts.

HB 4523 PASSED: 68-42; HB 4524 PASSED: 68-42; HB 4525 PASSED: 74-36

I voted NO on HB 5048 (Rep. Fitzgerald) Would expand the ability to issue an excise tax for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping services for transient guests to local units of government. EXPLANATION: We should be advocating for eliminating taxes, not trying to add more on certain industries for the purpose of raising funds for selective projects.

PASSED: 66-44

I voted NO on HB 5096 (Rep. Grant) Would afford the Michigan Strategic Fund Board (MSF) the authority/flexibility to designate renaissance zones that have not yet been designated as well as authorizes the MSF to extend renaissance zones it has designated. The bill does not increase the number of renaissance zones that are authorized. Local units retain authority whether or not to allow a renaissance zone. EXPLANATION:  The MSF doesn’t need more power to create privileged business zones so taxation discrimination can occur.

PASSED: 72-38

I voted NO on HBs 5099-5102 (Reps. Hood, Martus, Rogers, and Puri) Would establish the ability for MSF to cooperate with Treasury for the R&D Tax Credit Program; establish the structure and guidelines for the refundable R&D Tax Credits under the program; establish the structure and guidelines for the non-refundable R&D Tax Credits under the program; requires and describes the annual report prepared by Treasury in cooperation with MSF. EXPLANATION: The state shouldn’t be giving tax credits for these selected activities. Instead of picking winners and losers, the state should create a business-friendly atmosphere to retain and attract businesses across the board.

HB 5099 PASSED: 77-33; HB 5100 PASSED: 79-31; HB 5101 PASSED: 79-31; HB 5102 PASSED: 80-30

I voted NO on HB 4368 (Rep. VanWoerkom) Would amend the Income Tax Act by creating a personal income tax research and development tax credit. EXPLANATION: Tax credits are a form of corporate welfare and are a way for the politically connected to gain an unfair advantage over their competition.

PASSED: 81-29

Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

I voted NO on HB 5046 (Rep. Shannon) Would increase the pay for court reporters who produce court transcripts. EXPLANATION: By increasing the costs of transcripts, we are unnecessarily increasing the cost of using our court system.

PASSED: 104-6

I voted NO on HB 5028 (Rep. Puri) Would create a new act to invalidate and make unenforceable existing or new provisions in HOA agreements that prohibit installation, operation, maintenance of certain energy-saving improvements or modifications to homes. EXPLANATION: If someone doesn’t like the rules of an HOA, then they shouldn’t live in one. 

PASSED: 56-54

I voted NO on HB 4723 (Rep. Morgan) Would create a special Merchant Marines registration plate for individuals and/or their family that were or are currently a member of the United States Merchant Marine. EXPLANATION: Adding additional plates further increases the administrative cost to the Secretary of State.

PASSED: 104-6

I voted NO on SB 262 (Sen. Irwin) Would amend the Fire Prevention Code by modifying fire resistant requirements for tents. EXPLANATION: We should eliminate all regulations on tents instead of changing existing regulations.

PASSED: 90-20

I voted NO on SB 513 (Sen. McBroom) Would allow Helen Newberry Joy Hospital (HNJH) in Luce County to restructure as a nonprofit corporation, update the county population threshold in order to reflect the current Luce County population, and update the date by which a restructuring must be complete to a date that has not already passed. EXPLANATION: Creating a special condition for one hospital is not the right way to handle the situation.

PASSED: 104-6

I voted NO on HB 4945, SBs 471 and 528 (Rep. O’Neal, Sen. Chang and Sen. Schink) Would criminalize the possession of firearms or ammunition by persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. This new crime would be a 5-year felony. EXPLANATION: These bills have broad definitions for what would qualify as a misdemeanor domestic violence crime and are just another way for the state to erode our protected Second Amendment rights.

HB 4945 PASSED: 58-52; SB 471 PASSED: 58-52; SB 528 PASSED: 58-52

I voted NO on HBs 4129-4130 (Rep. Hope) Would prohibit an individual from either intimidating an election official or preventing an election official from performing their duties and would update sentencing guidelines to provide a felony for those guilty of the crime created under HB 4129. EXPLANATION:  These bills are duplicative and unnecessary, it is already illegal to intimidate or threaten people. A new five-year felony and/or $1,000 fine is too harsh.

HB 4129 PASSED: 56-54; HB 4130 PASSED: 56-54

I voted NO on HBs 5141-5145 (Reps. Tsernoglou, Puri, Bierlein, and Arbit) Would require a disclaimer on political advertisements if they were created in whole or in part by AI; would update sentencing guidelines to provide a felony for those guilty of the crime created under HB 5141; would define Artificial Intelligence as used in the Michigan Campaign Finance Act;  would punish those who distribute materially deceptive media (deep fakes) close to an election with the intent of influencing voters; would update sentencing guidelines to provide a felony for those guilty of the crime created under HB 5144. EXPLANATION: Artificial Intelligence poses a real threat moving forward and people will be victimized by the use of it, however the felonious penalties for violating these laws are too severe. 

HB 5141 PASSED: 59-51; HB 5142 PASSED: 59-51; HB 5143 PASSED: 63-47; HB 5144 PASSED: 60-50; HB 5145 PASSED: 58-52

I voted NO HBs 4885-4923 (Rep. McKinney and Rep. Aragona) Would amend the Public Health Code by creating a medication aide training and permit program and amends the Public Health Code by adding definitions to the act regarding a medication aide training and permit program. EXPLANATION: Creating another license for administering drugs is duplicative and costly to the individual who is attempting to receive their permit from the department. 

HB 4885 PASSED: 83-27; HB 4923 PASSED: 82-28

I voted NO on SBs 395-396 (Sen. Polehanki and Sen. McDonald Rivet) Would modify the teacher evaluation system in Michigan by changing evaluation criteria, personnel decision factors, and rating categories. EXPLANATION: The bill allows teachers to not be evaluated if teachers and administrators agree there are “extenuating circumstances,” but does not define what that means. This could potentially lead to teachers and district administrators agreeing to use an arbitrary reason to skip evaluations.

SB 395 PASSED: 56-54; SB 396 PASSED: 56-54

I voted NO SB 385 (Sen. Geiss) Would allow for precinct inspector applications to be submitted online. EXPLANATION: Lowering the bar for those seeking to apply to this crucial election integrity position is a step in the wrong direction for secure elections. Only those who are truly motivated and feel qualified to serve in this position should apply. 

PASSED: 93-17

I voted NO on SBs 572-573 (Sen. Moss) Would change the number of active registered electors in a city, ward, township, or village (precinct) from 5,000 to 4,999. EXPLANATION: This bill would result in centralizing elections into fewer hands, making our elections more vulnerable.

SB 572 PASSED: 102-8; SB 573 PASSED: 102-8

I voted NO on HBs 4230 and 4234 (Rep. Wilson and Rep. Tsernoglou) Would remove language which codified the MEA v. Michigan Secretary of State Michigan Supreme Court Decision regarding a school district automatically deducting and remitting wages to the MEA-PAC and would amend the Michigan Campaign Finance Act to allow the use of public resources to establish or administer payroll deduction plans for contributions to campaign committees and to remove other restrictions on the use of payroll deduction plans for political contributions. EXPLANATION: This is another way for the democrats to manipulate state law in order to bankroll their coffers and tip political power in their favor. There exists a recurring theme of democrats weaponizing taxpayer dollars to fund their election efforts.

HB 4230 PASSED: 56-54; HB 4234 PASSED: 56-54

I voted NO on HBs 4274-4275 (Rep. O’Neal and Rep. Tisdel) Would alter the process of statutory revenue sharing to create more stability for local units of government by creating a Revenue Sharing Trust Fund and dedicating annual minimum funding equal to the FY 22-23 baseline ($528 million) to the fund. The baseline funding will be distributed in the same manner as the FY 22-23 budget which ensures each unit maintains that as the minimum baseline of funding each year and protects those and future dollars from being spent in other areas. The bills also require the legislature to direct any additional funding over the baseline through the normal appropriations process. EXPLANATION: This is a government solution to a government made problem. Local communities should not be compelled to give so much money to the state in the first place. 

HB 4274 PASSED: 106-4; HB 4275 PASSED: 106-4

I voted NO on HBs 4949, 4951, 4953-4956 and SBs 474, 476-477 (Reps. Pohutsky, Hope, Morse, Brabec, Price and Rogers, and Sens. Geiss, Anthony, and Chang) Would institute what is called the Reproductive Health Act that would codify certain constitutional provisions, remove several crimes and licensing restrictions related to the performance of abortions, and repeal most requirements and limitations on abortion services. EXPLANATION: Abortion is murder, and legalized partial birth abortion is especially heinous. These extreme abortion policies make Michigan amongst the most radical places in the world when it comes to killing preborn children. These policies are unethical, abhorrent, and counterproductive when our state is trying to increase in population. 


Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

I voted NO on HBs 4520-4521 (Rep. Mueller and Rep. Breen) Would increase the fine that can be imposed by a sentencing court when a person is convicted of assault and battery and the victim is a health professional or medical volunteer and would increase the fine that can be imposed by a sentencing court when a person is convicted of felonious assault and the victim is a health professional or medical volunteer. EXPLANATION: Assault is already a crime; medical personnel should not get special legal treatment.

HB 4520 PASSED: 97-12; HB 4521 PASSED: 97-12

I voted NO on HBs 4605-4606 (Rep. Shannon and Rep. Farhat) Would create the Public Safety and Violence Prevention Fund within the Department of Treasury and earmarks a portion of the State Sales tax to the fund. EXPLANATION: Diverting a substantial portion of the state budget to this fund is not the best use of taxpayer dollars, especially when loopholes exist for counties to manipulate data in order to meet necessary benchmarks.

HB 4605 PASSED: 52-52

I voted YES on HB 5059 (Rep. Price) Would designate a portion of highway M-39 in Southfield/Lincoln Park as the Bishop P.A. Brooks Memorial Freeway”. EXPLANATION: This highway naming allows us to express gratitude and appreciation for Bishop P.A. Brooks and his spiritual service to the Detroit area. 

PASSED: 105-4

I voted YES on HB 4158 (Rep. Zorn) Would designate a portion of highway M-50 in Monroe Charter Township (Monroe County) as the “Animal Control Officer Darrian Young Memorial Highway.” EXPLANATION: This highway naming allows us to express our gratitude and appreciation for Officer Darrian Young for her services to the state. 

PASSED: 106-3

I voted YES on HB 4722 (Rep. Scott) Would eliminate “Juneteenth National Freedom Day,” which is currently celebrated on the third Saturday in June. This is in response to HB 4457, which designates an official day for Juneteenth (June 19). EXPLANATION:  There is a bill to establish Juneteenth on the specific date; this technical fix cleans up old language and eliminates an anticipated redundancy in establishing a holiday.

PASSED: 109-0

I voted YES on HB 4154 (Rep. DeBoyer) Would designate a portion of highway M-3 in Chesterfield Township (Macomb County) as the “Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason P. May Memorial Highway.” EXPLANATION: This highway naming allows us to express our gratitude and appreciation for Senior Chief Petty Officer Jason P. May for his service to our nation.

PASSED: 109-0

I voted NO on HB 4981 (Rep. BeGole) Would require candidates for County Sheriff to have certain levels of law enforcement experience in order to be eligible to seek office. EXPLANATION: Even though voters understandably oftentimes prefer candidates with such experience, it should not be required. This bill protects the good ol’ boys club when the Sheriff is the law enforcement officer most accountable to the people.

PASSED: 79-30

I voted YES on HB 4048 (Rep. Outman) Would amend the Lottery Act by preventing the lottery commission from disclosing the winner of a multi-state lottery game identity without their consent. EXPLANATION: Winning the lottery can bring a great deal of unwanted attention if a winner’s personal information is released against their will, making it important to protect their privacy.

PASSED: 106-3

I voted NO on HBs 5120-5123 (Reps. Aiyash, Puri, and Skaggs) Would allow the Michigan Public Service Commission to issue certificates for construction of wind or solar energy facilities with 100 MW of generation capacity; specify that zoning ordinances are subject to the parts of the Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act added in HB 5120 and 5122. EXPLANATION: Locals have the best knowledge of their communities and should be able to determine these community decisions without being controlled by unelected bureaucrats in Lansing.

HB 5120 PASSED: 56-52; HB 5121 PASSED: 56-52

I voted NO on SB 280 (Sen. Singh) Would amend the Public Health Code to require a parent or guardian to provide for a dental oral assessment no more than six months before a child is registered for kindergarten or first grade for the first time beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. Currently, this assessment is optional and a parent or guardian may present documentation rather than being required to do so as proposed under the bill. The bill would also change the current notice of need for additional care found during an assessment from an encouragement to have follow-up treatment to instead indicate that follow-up treatment is required. EXPLANATION: Making the dental screening program mandatory is just more government infringement on how parents raise their children. Dental hygiene is important but not the responsibility of the government.

PASSED: 84-24

I voted NO on SB 382 and HB 4720 (Sen. Chang and Rep. Puri) Would outline “equal language access” responsibilities for state departments, agencies, and entities; outlines “equal language access” responsibilities for state departments, agencies, and entities. EXPLANATION: These are likely to increase costs of operating state agencies, especially in areas with a high number of individuals who speak different languages and should be learning to speak English.


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