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Vote Explanations 10-24-23
RELEASE|October 26, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

I voted NO on HB 4573 (Rep. Glanville) Would extend the sunset on the New Jobs Training Program and modifies wage requirements for jobs in the program by adding data from the United for ALICE Wage Tool to the considerations. EXPLANATION: Aligning with ALICE to further expand government involvement in the private sector is a step in the wrong direction.

PASSED: 80-29

I voted NO on HB 4979 (Rep. Hill) Would amend the General Property Tax Act by allowing counties to opt out of keeping a designated assessor on retainer by providing the State Tax Commission (STC) with an interlocal agreement. EXPLANATION: By allowing the STC to appoint a designated assessor if one is not designated by the county, it creates an incentive for counties not to act rather than participate in an interlocal agreement.

PASSED: 85-24

I voted NO on SB 280 (Sen. Singh) Would amend the Public Health Code to require a parent or guardian to provide for a dental oral assessment no more than six months before a child is registered for kindergarten or first grade for the first time beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. Currently, this assessment is optional and a parent or guardian may present documentation rather than being required to do so as proposed under the bill. The bill would also change the current notice of need for additional care found during an assessment from an encouragement to have follow-up treatment to instead indicate that follow-up treatment is required. EXPLANATION: Making the dental screening program mandatory is just more government infringement on how parents raise their children. Dental hygiene is important but not the responsibility of the government.

PASSED: 85-24

I voted NO on HBs 4909-4912, and 5047 (Reps. Breen, Tsernoglou, Filler, Borton, and Coffia)  Would enact major reforms to the guardianship and conservatorship proceedings that occur in the Probate Courts of this state. EXPLANATION: By requiring certification for being a guardian, there is a concern that this would restrict the number of guardians in the future, causing more issues. 

HB 4909 PASSED: 87-22; HB 4910 PASSED: 89-20; HB 4911 PASSED: 91-18; HB 4912 PASSED: 92-17; HB 5047 PASSED: 74-35

I voted YES on HBs 4738-4739 (Rep. Breen and Rep. Mentzer) Would require a prosecuting attorney to keep the personal information of any victim confidential unless the personal information is part of the res gestae (i.e. the events or circumstances at issue) of the charged crime. EXPLANATION:  Victims of crime are often reluctant to come forward and identify their assailants. Victims often fear retaliation; shielding their address, cell phone numbers, and other private information can help protect them from additional violence.

HB 4738 PASSED: 106-3; HB 4739 PASSED: 105-4

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

I voted YES on HB 4416-4419 (Rep. Filler and Rep. Breen) Would make amendments to the Estates and Protected Individuals Code (EPIC). EXPLANATION: The financial caps in the EPIC are outdated and are not subject to the annual cost-of-living adjustment using the United States Consumer Price Index. These provisions should be updated to allow families more flexibility in estate related transfers of property.


I voted NO on HB 4346 (Rep. Coleman) Would amend the Open Meetings Act by allowing municipal public employee retirement boards to meet remotely. EXPLANATION: Individuals who choose to serve on a public body should typically meet in person.

PASSED: 86-23

I voted NO on HBs 4085-4086 (Rep. Stone and Rep. Roth) Would expand access to services and provide definitions for “Homeless Youth” and “Runaway Youth.” EXPLANATION: Parental consent should be required as fast as possible. 72 hours can feel like a lifetime if you believe your child is gone. The state should not keep parents in the dark when they are the rightful guardians.

HB 4085 PASSED: 63-46; HB 4086 PASSED: 62-47

I voted YES on HB 4865 (Rep. Snyder) Would amend the Michigan Liquor Control Code by removing the minimum inventory requirements for gas stations that sell liquor. EXPLANATION: This requirement only applies to gas stations, and by removing this requirement, it reduces regulations and establishes consistency among Specially Designated Distributor license holders.

PASSED: 107-2

I voted NO on HB 4276 (Rep. Farhat) Would amend the Social Welfare Act to prevent the Department of Health and Human Services from entering into contracts with Medicaid managed care organizations that use Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) under certain conditions. EXPLANATION:  This puts additional burdens and costs into state law as it mandates certain dispensing fee requirements rather than letting the market determine what is appropriate.

PASSED: 105-4

I voted NO on SB 174 (Sen. Camilleri) Is a vehicle bill for FY 23-24 that would be used for the school aid sections of the state budget during supplemental spending process. EXPLANATION: This is a blank check to the Democrats to work behind closed doors to waste more money on our failing government education system.

PASSED: 56-53

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