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Rep. Wendzel statement on Palisades re-opening
RELEASE|March 27, 2024

State Rep. Pauline Wendzel issued the following statement after the United States Department of Energy announced a $1.5 billion loan to help re-power the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant in Van Buren County:

“Palisades is one step closer to being a successful model whose re-opening will positively reverberate around the world, fueled by Michigan’s unwavering grit, innovation, and determination. We have an opportunity to secure our legacy as a global leader in technology, discovery, and innovation, and today’s announcement brings us one step closer to achieving this shared, bipartisan goal.”

As the Republican Leader of the House Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee, Rep. Wendzel has been working to position Michigan as a national leader in the development of nuclear energy generation.  This term, she’s led the bipartisan nuclear caucus in sending a letter to Governor Whitmer expressing support to re-open Palisades.  Additionally, Rep. Wendzel is part of a bipartisan legislative package that was unveiled earlier this year which seeks to position Michigan as a leader in the development of safe, clean, and reliable nuclear power generation.

Rep. Wendzel’s legislation in the package not only recognizes the present benefits of nuclear power but looks to the future by establishing a manufacturing tax credit aimed at incentivizing and supporting qualified research and development expenses that are related to the design, development, improvement, and deployment of next generation advanced small modular nuclear reactors.

“Nuclear power has an essential role in our nation’s energy future, and that future is going to be built right here in Michigan,” Rep. Wendzel said.  “We’re going to make history, and once again, the world is going to follow America’s, specifically Michigan’s, lead.”


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