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Rep. Beson to serve on key committees overseeing state spending measures
RELEASE|January 19, 2023
Contact: Timmy Beson

State Rep. Timmy Beson, of Bay City, has been named to the House Appropriations Committee for the 2023-24 legislative term.

The House Appropriations Committee is responsible for deliberating on the annual budget and any supplemental budget measures. Frequently, the committee also considers legislation that is key to state budget implementation changes or public policy with significant budgetary expenditures.

Beson will bring experience to the role, having served on the committee during his first term in the House.  

“I am excited to once again give people in Bay City and surrounding areas a seat at the table as we work to spend responsibly and efficiently in the state budget process,” Beson said. “People in our communities work hard, and I’m going to work hard to ensure their tax dollars are used in an effective fashion that helps make our area a better place to live and work.”

Beson will also serve as Republican vice chair for the Appropriations Subcommittee on Environment and Great Lakes, and on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor and Economic Opportunity.

“I welcome these roles and am looking forward to getting started, however I believe the makeup of many of these committees was unjustly skewed,” Beson said. “A lack of sufficient representation on these subcommittees isn’t sticking it to one party or another. It ultimately sticks it to the people, communities and local services or projects that elected officials go to Lansing and advocate tirelessly for. We should welcome these voices instead of trying to freeze them out in favor of others.”

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